Don’t repurpose TV spots for online video

Videoby Tony Fannin, Partner, BE Branded  |

It’s easier and less expensive to take your existing TV spot and show it online as a web video ad. The practicality makes sense and cents. As in life, the easy way out is often the inferior path.

Advertisers have many complaints about their video ads such as “they don’t get enough views” or “they don’t go viral” or “the click-throughs aren’t there” and on and on. The real problem is viewers hate watching TV commercials online. They reward advertisers who use the medium in a creative and engaging way. Online is interactive, not passive.

Google has recently released their Most Popular Ad Leaderboard Videos of 2014. The overall message is you are no longer boxed in to being less than 60 seconds. Longer forms are becoming more effective. Now, this doesn’t mean you can make a 4-minute infomercial. That’s boring. Advertisers who win online are those who tell a great story and engage the human emotion.

Disney and Pixar know to tell a great story. You must take the viewer through the range of human emotions, in :60 or 4-minutes. Here are a few keys to creating effective online video advertising:

• Shoot and create the video specifically for online – This means, no repurposed, canned TV spots. That’s interruption, not engagement. Take advantage of digital and engagement tools available and incorporate them into your video. Online is about interaction, not passive viewing.

• Tell a human story – We all love stories and online gives you the perfect medium to tell it. The length doesn’t matter, what counts is having something worth telling. This is at the core of “viral”. If you don’t reach my emotions, you don’t get to my wallet. Emotions isn’t about tears or fluff, but the full range of what we can feel: anger, tense, hope, courage, etc.

• Be creative – If you aren’t creating videos that are much more than commercials or infomercials, then you are negating the biggest benefit online offers, a chance to be creative. A chance to WOW us. Viewers expect more when they view something online and when you don’t give it to them, they punish you by saying so (comments) and leaving. If you entertain and engage them with a great brand story, they reward you by watching and click-throughs.

Online advertising can only be effective as you are creative. There is too much content to compete with to be boring or showing a typical TV commercial.

Online video ads work. The question is, are you willing to work?

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Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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