Archive | January, 2015

Don’t repurpose TV spots for online video

by Tony Fannin, Partner, BE Branded  | It’s easier and less expensive to take your existing TV spot and show it online as a web video ad. The practicality makes sense and cents. As in life, the easy way out is often the inferior path. Advertisers have many complaints about their video ads such as “they don’t […]

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The ultimate brand

by Tony Fannin, Partner, BE Branded  | Brands, as discussed several times on this blog, is about what you stand for, not what you do. It’s not a logo, colors, graphics or even mission statements. It is why you exist in this world and the value you bring. Great brands are able to convey their […]

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Emotion trumps logic

by Tony Fannin, Partner, BE Branded  | We are often asked, “Do people buy from logic first or emotions?” Most marketers want to believe logic is how everyone makes purchase decisions – the best product, the best price, the best quality, wins. For those who like to make their advertising and marketing pitch, they feel conformable in […]

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