Even in politics, the women market rule

Woman voteby Tony Fannin, Partner, BE Branded  |

Women are the most important customers when it comes to marketing. It is also true when it comes to politics. Over the past decade, the woman vote has taken more visible prominence and this year, there seems to be even a stronger focus for political groups to win the woman vote. Marketing to women, whether it’s consumer goods, B2B services and even politics, are really all based on the same foundation. Unfortunately, political advertising is far behind other categories when it comes to effectively winning her over. For those in politics (or those who are just interested), here are a few basic ideas that should guide your advertising:

• Your brand needs to be authentic – When creating a cult of personality (your brand), it needs to be real and authentic. Women are not easily fooled and can spot a fake from afar. If your brand is genuine and you can walk the talk, then you will have her loyalty. This will result in her becoming one of your most effective campaigners and recruiters to your cause. Try to fool her, and she will turn her talents to campaign against you and will be able to raise an army to rally against your cause.

• Respect her intelligence – Too many political advertising think all they need to do is pander to the women vote, show a few kids and say they understand her rights and they will win her over in the voting booth. Just as in consumer and B2B advertising, your brand needs to respect her intellectually and show that you realize she is more than driven by emotion. Your advertising needs to be both, smart and emotional. She thinks things through, all for the betterment of those important to her.

• Realize she votes for others, not just for herself – Just as in her daily life, women don’t make decisions based on “what’s in it for her”, but what’s in it for her family and loved ones. It’s not about if you get elected, you will make her life better, but how will you make the lives of her family and loved ones, better. For women, it’s not about themselves, but about others, first.

Democrats and Republicans are already engaged in a struggle to win the women vote and it will only intensify as we get closer to voting day in November. All political parties know, the key to victory is finding the right key to women’s heart and mind. So, if you are running for office or selling a product or service, you would be wise to take these ideas to heart and let them saturate your brand and your advertising.

Keep in mind, women don’t buy brands, they join them, even political ones.



About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

2 Responses to “Even in politics, the women market rule”

  1. UKIP in the UK should take note, they have so far failed to win the female vote.

    • Alex, thank you for taking time to read my blog. Very interesting stat you shared. Looks like the UKIP has some room for improvement. Best Wishes- Tony

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