You are marketing to women, even if you don’t realize it.

Couple car buyingby Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  |

Recently, we were talking with a prospect about his business and how we could possibly help him. We discussed our two areas of expertise, branding and marketing to women. When we asked the owner about his current efforts to reach women, his reply, “I never really considered it. Maybe I should look more closely at it.”

This brings me to my point, most businesses are marketing to women, whether they realize it or not. If they appeal to women, it’s usually by accident and don’t know how to duplicate or improve their marketing efforts to increase their effectiveness. If they turn off women, they don’t know they did or don’t know what they did wrong. Since most don’t realize they are marketing to women, they end up leaving a substantial amount of business on the table and not closing the deal because they’ve either discounted her influence in the decision making process or pigeoned-holed her into a stereotypical role of “supportive” wife. Both are deal killers.

Just because you don’t realize women are your true market, doesn’t exonerate you from the negative effects.

• Bad marketing makes sales harder – By being ignorant of her influence and family role, you are making it difficult to sell. The guy will come up with “logical” or spec-based excuses not to buy, but she was the influence behind the decision. If you’re lucky, the customer didn’t walk out the door or ignore your product on the shelf, but challenges you to explain do you really understand her and knows what she cares about. (hint: it’s not about her, but about those who are important to her.)

• Bad news spreads fast – You ignore or offend her, she will tell 22 of her friends, who will listen and trust her judgement. With social media, that spreads  fast and far. She is the master of social media and knows how to use it. But, if you win her over, she will still 22 of her friends, who will listen and trust her judgement and her use of social media will turn her into your evangelist.

• Single women wield power – Just because she’s single doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a wide sphere of influence. With today’s mobile devices, she still takes her girlfriends with her when shopping. All it takes is a photo and text and her girlfriends weigh in on the conversation and decision. The difference is, with social media tools, hundreds of others are allowed to listen in on their conversations and will pass along the insights to their circle of girlfriends. Everything is now, exponential.

Don’t make the mistake in believing you are not marketing to women just because you don’t have a women’s plan in place. You are (with very few exceptions). She’s there, listening and seeing you are listening to her. As in real life, ignoring her is worse than making her mad because you at least had a conversation with her in the first place.


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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