Women-owned business is an untapped B2B segment

Woman binocularsby Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  |

B2B marketing is not “sexy” and doesn’t have the allure that consumer brands have. Often, strategies differer in marketing to consumers and businesses. What can complicate things even more are women-owned businesses. They must be treated differently than the “typical” B2B customer. Here are a few points:

• Why create a different B2B approach for women-owned businesses? – Good question. Here are the numbers. According to Forbes, women own over 8.2 million business in the U.S. Their growth in numbers are 1.5 times more than the national average. This means, women-owned business are not just a niche, they are becoming the market. As a result, if you want to win her business, you must market to her differently. The “good ol’ boys” approach or “only-the-facts-mam”, mind-numbing data droning won’t work. You can’t just walk in with your spec sheets, charts and numbers and expect her to swoon (that’s how you win a guy). Just as in life, she is particular in who she lets in her “home”. Her employees and customers are emotionally like family. You have to EARN you way in. What you stand for is just as important as the stuff you’re trying to sell her.

• How do you market to women-owned businesses? – In brief, be her guide and partner. This means, give her a road map and expert guidance and earn to have a trusted relationship, not just a one-time sale. Don’t mistake this as being “stupid” or naive. She isn’t. This approach is smarter than most men. Why wonder around trying to figure things out on your own when you can take a short cut and learn from a trusted expert and advisor? They see the data and numbers and do use them, but relationships and trust is what drives who she does business with. Women-owned businesses, like women consumers, emphasize vendor quality and reputation. As we all know, there are similar companies, with similar products, with similar price-points, so what really makes any company unique is their brand,what they stand for. This is what she is buying into.

• What makes a woman-owned business a desirable customer? – Simple, women-owned businesses are willing to ask for help and are grateful to those who provide it. They show their gratitude with their purchases. In short, they are loyal and are willing to share your business with others. She won’t leave you just because another vendor is 5% cheaper because trusted relationships are worth their weight in gold to her. (Something, we men can learn.)

Marketing to women-owned business takes more work, involves more collaboration and is relationship based, not transactional based. Get it right, the payoff is exponential and for the long-term. Ultimately, she is the kind of client we all would love to have.



About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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