Marketing to women doesn’t mean you lose men

Woman_Man handshakeby Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  |

For many companies, it’s scary to turn down any business. Most try to be everything to everyone because they see a denied market segment as leaving money on the table. As a result, these companies end up being nothing special and are relegated to commodity status, regardless of their products or services. What if they thought about this differently? What if, in not concentrating on one market segment, they gain extreme loyalty in another? And, what if the segment they win over makes up about 85% of the marketplace? Should they do it? Would you do it?

We often point this out to many of our clients. This strategy centers around focusing on meeting the needs and thrilling the women market. Too often I hear, “But what if I end up looking too girly and lose men buyers?” Ok, I admit, you could lose your men buyers, all 15% of them. What you sacrifice is the ability to win HER over and give up a vast majority of the 85% of the market. In reality, you don’t lose the men, in fact, you gain more women. Men, whether husband, boyfriend or business executive, are heavily influenced by the women in their lives.

Ok, you most likely will agree with the husband and boyfriend thing, but don’t see how a woman influences a business executive. Let me paint a short narrative. A CEO decides to expand his business and needs additional office/plant space. Is he actually going to do the research, cull through the hundreds of listings and talk to dozens of realtors? No. If he doesn’t, who does? Most likely, one of his most trusted assistants or next level executive. That is most likely a woman. She does the research, cull through the hundreds of listings and talk to the dozens of realtors and then presents the top three to the CEO, with all the plus and minuses behind her selections. She gives her recommendations. Then the CEO will take the information to make his final decision. Don’t forget, her recommendation weighs heavily in who he chooses. Women DO influence hardcore business decisions across the board.

Marketing to women is not about being girly or feminine, but being genuine, caring about those she cares about and treating her with respect. It’s not about stats, features/benefits equations or only what’s in it for her. If you win her over, you’ll have someone that is loyal for 10+ years and she will tell 22 others about you. How’s that for ROI?


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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