Archive | July, 2012

Customers Do judge a book by it’s cover

by Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  |  The axiom that many people believe in and have been told by others is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” When it comes to people, that’s true. With your business and your brand, believing in this will make life harder in the long run. When it comes […]

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Turn commodities (literally) into a brand powerhouse

by Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  | Some people think that many commodities are too “common” to be concerned about going to all of the “trouble” in creating a brand. They believe it’s only about sales. Brand has no effect on their product or service. Many point to good sales numbers, growth in their sales […]

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Social media now must make advertisers their priority, not users

by Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded  | Technology and advertising are both, at odds with each other and dependent on each other. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter each has shunned advertising in their beginnings calling it a form of “hucksterism”. They believed that “advertising” was a dirty word and their work was pure […]

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