The most hi-tech group is moms

by Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, Be Branded  |

Women shoppers are digitized to the max. They are, not only, the world’s largest market, but they are also the leaders in utilizing technology to accomplish their tasks. When it comes to motherhood, digital tools become even more important. In an article by Matt Carmichael entitled, “Kids take all the fun out of shopping”, he compares the shopping differences between a woman without kids and a mother. A woman with out kids sees shopping as Relaxed, Impulsive, Social, Fun. A mother sees shopping as Rushed, Overwhelming, Stressful, Deal-driven. This is at the core of why mothers see digital as a way for them to manage their shopping needs. Also, this has nothing to do with just buying diapers and school supplies. It permeates throughout how they buy for almost everything. Here are a few other highlights (Based on a survey by BabyCenter US):

• They play to win –  Moms see shopping as a sport. They play to win because a win is for their family, rarely for themselves. Over 84% of moms agree with the statement, “When I save money on a shopping trip by using coupons, sales or other deals, I feel like ‘I won.’ ” They use every available resource. Online and especially digital, are great tools for them to find that edge. Almost two-thirds of moms have a scanner app on their mobile device (30% more than the general public.) Three in five belong to at least one group buying service.

• They don’t shop alone – It’s not they run in packs, but their mobile device keeps them in touch with their allies and support system. They will utilize this network for second opinions on the fly, text a picture for a quick reaction. Over 44% share discount codes and digital coupons while over 62% participate in online reviews. When mom goes shopping, they take their whole social graph with them.

• They still utilize their partners – Though women/moms make over 85% of buying decisions, they don’t make them in a vacuum. Mothers still tap into their spouses’ opinions and even get them to participate in their sport. One in four say their spouses are involved or highly involved in shopping.

• They buy the big stuff too – Moms are not just buying diapers and soap, but are the main influence on a wide range of products and services. Moms spend twice as much online buying video games than the general online population (surprised the heck out of me, too). Same goes for software and hardware. They are 47% more likely to anticipate a need for major financial services purchases in the next 12 months and start searching online and on their mobile device with their social graph. They still dominate vehicle purchases by being the main influencer over 89% of the time.

• They reward brands who make their life easier – Having kids in tow, a mom will reward brands who make her life easier or more convenient. Even if it costs more, if you help simplify her life, she will reward you with her loyalty and open up her social graph to your brand. They also demand a seamless experience which means she can buy online, get discounts via mobile, return it to your brick-and-mortar store, all without any hassles.

When all is said and done, moms use digital and mobile technology to help them accomplish and win at the game of shopping. They tally up their savings, take note of brands who offer to simplify their life and make it easier, and brag to their social graph about the day’s big scores. Don’t you want to be one of her victories?


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

7 Responses to “The most hi-tech group is moms”

  1. I love the article. Hopefully you don’t mind if I post a link here from my blog?

    • Anton – Thank you for linking to the article. I’m glad you found value that you wanted to share. I appreciate you taking time to read my blog. I have looked through your site and it seems like you are what is needed for budding entrepreneurs and those who want to be. Keep up the valuable info. –Tony

      • Thank you Tony for the kind words. I have added your article to the queue on my blog. It will be part of the posts next week. Of course there are link backs to this article here for you. It should help send some traffic this way as well.

        If you find anything you like on my blog and want to post over here then go for it as well. Just make sure there are links back to the original included in the post.

      • Anton – I will definitely link back to your articles. Thank you for the partnership.

  2. Tony – great article! This is exactly what we have seen & learned on, which is a social network for families involved in youth sports. Moms are at the hub of all the chaos and craziness, and the amount of chatter between moms organizing car pools, hotel rooms, etc. is mindboggling. Microsoft, Cartoon Network, American Family Insurance, and Benadryl have all recognized Weplay as a great social / mobile / local way to reach those busy moms. Kind of a shameless plug – I admit – but thought it may help some of your readers.

    • Lane, thank you for taking time to read my blog and for your comment. I believe your site is a great example of a company dedicated to helping make life easier for moms, which is one of the most important aspects of a brand trying to win over the women market. Your observation of mom being the “hub of all the chaos” is a great description of her lifestyle and that’s why mobile has become a great tool and time saver for her.

      Let me make your “shameless” plug official. To our readers: if you are looking for a great way to manage your children’s sports schedule or if you are a coach trying to manage your youth team, WePlay is a wonderful tool. Check it out here:


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