Link your advertising to gain momentum and reach critical mass

by Tony Fannin, President, BE Branded

“How much market share did we get from the online campaign?” “What did the coupon campaign do to our numbers?” “Did the TV buy increase our quarterly sales?” This is said often by clients and marketers. Everyone wants to know how each specific tactic did. In one sense, that’s a reasonable request. You want to know what works and what doesn’t, but that’s not the $1 billion question. The most important question is, “What impact does my integrated marketing have on my key metrics?”

Each business has different metrics that is the key driver of their success. For some, it’s the number of boxes in warehouse that is the key metric. Others, it’s the gross sales per hour. If you understand your metrics, then you understand what your marketing mix should be. The mistake many marketers fall into is they single out one or two tactics and employ the “hope strategy”, hoping they get a sales spike. You may get that spike, but within a week or two, your numbers will go back to the baseline you had before the online campaign or TV push. You end up spending more money to end up where you started.

Here’s an analogy I’ve used with a few clients to help them understand how integrated marketing gets its power. Many marketers believe that spending dollars on advertising is like poker, it’s a gamble. Too often, that’s true, but not because advertising doesn’t work. It’s usually because of other factors (the creative approach is boring, strategy is wrong, or the campaign is underfunded). Lets stay in the poker metaphor for the example. In poker, wining one hand has nothing to do with wining or losing the previous or the next hand. One does not influence the other. You don’t gain momentum. Each hand is a separate event, thus there is no “linking” from one success to the other. Integrating your advertising and marketing works differently. Placing a “bet” in marketing you start the wheel in motion. With each success, your next “bet” has even a better chance of wining. Each success adds to the next success and you’ll find it gets easier. It’s like pushing on a fly wheel. The first push is hard, but the next one is a little easier, and the next even more easy. You can link your momentum to critical mass. By the way, this is also how social media gains its power. It’s not just a single person, but each individual builds momentum that is carried on by the next until you have a viral buzz. The effect doesn’t stop with the individual.

Many run into the same issue. The problem they keep running into is they spend money on a single tactic, see a spike, but once the campaign is over in 4-6 weeks, their numbers quickly fall back to where they were before. With each new campaign, they have to start over again. Their single “bets” are really a waste of money. It’s like starting and stopping a car. You use far more gas by stop and go travel than you do if you put it on cruise control and let it roll.

It’s okay to evaluate each tactic and to make sure it brings the value you need, but it’s not the real goal. The larger purpose is to integrate all of your marketing, keep it consistent, and put it on cruise control. You’ll get where you want to go quicker and with less “gas”.


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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