Super Bowl ad results

by Tony Fannin, president, BE Branded

Well, the results are in. Yes, the Saints won the game on the field, but who won the game in the minds of consumers? The Nielsen Ratings are in and here are the results for the Super Bowl ads:

Most liked:
1. Snickers (Betty White)
2. Bud Light (Scientists think asteroid)
3. Doritos (Dog shock collar)
4. Budweiser (Human bridge)
5. Bud Light (House made of beer)
6. Doritos (Boy slaps date)
7.Budwiser (Clydesdale, Calf race)
8. Denny’s (Chickens in outer space)
9. Doritos (Gym attack)
10. Doritos (Snack casket)

Top recalled spots:
1. Doritos (Snack casket)
2. Doritos (Boy slaps date)
3. Doritos (Dog shock collar)
4. Budweiser (Clydesdale, Calf race)
5. Denny’s (Chicken birthday candles)
6. Bud Light (Survivors party on island)
7. Snickers (Betty White)
8. Budweiser (Human bridge)
9. GoDaddy (Newscaster is too hot)
10. Doritos (Gym attack)

(Twitter buzz also accounted for some of the scoring)

Rewarding the viewer with entertainment that is relevant to the product dominated in both likeability and recall. Doritos seems to have great success in Super Bowls. Last year, they were also in the top 10 of both categories. Their sales saw a bump the week leading up to the Super Bowl and a huge bump for weeks afterwards. What’s interesting is Google didn’t appear in the top 10. In fact, they ranked 43 out of 63. They got their biggest buzz, of course, online. What had hurt the spot is that you needed to be completely engaged to follow the text and it required you to read along. If you wasn’t paying close attention, you got lost or never really got the message. (Who’s going to read during a Super Bowl party?) In essence, they didn’t take into account the environment and engage the audience that was most effective for that environment. I know they are trying to combat that they are becoming the “evil empire” trying to dominate the web, our businesses, and our lives by tracking and storing everything we do. This is their attempt at trying to convince us they are not bad people or trying to do harm. There are two other spots under the same campaign of “Search On”.

Also another forgettable ad was the Focus on the Family spot with Tim Tebow, though I must admit, I liked Planned Parenthood’s reply spot. At lease it was interesting to see a little bit of a smack-down in advertising land. All in all, this year’s Super Bowl was the most watched single event in history and a few of the TV ads also broke records in viewership and recall. This equals a successful Super Bowl in the minds of marketers. Viewership and appeal was high.

In the end, marketing and advertising still comes down to a few core essentials: be relevant, reward me for engaging (entertain, surprise, etc.) and be unique. Show some creativity and boldness. Break the formula and “me too” ads. They don’t get you anywhere anyway. And that’s why 1/2 of your advertising dollars are being wasted.


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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