Technology is no guarantee of success

by Tony Fannin, president, BE Branded

New technologies have changed many businesses forever. It also has changed many business models as well. A lot of marketers and individuals seem to center most of their efforts around technology. I agree that it’s very important in today’s business world. It is extremely powerful in helping companies leverage it to ultimate success. But in all of this techno-euphoria, too many marketers believe that business success is gained by the power of online alone. Just be there and you’ll find success.

While new and social media can be utilized in helping your business succeed, too many miss the real asset in all of this drive in technology. The new world order of business is not about being “wired” and “Googled”. No. The real story is that your business can now dream the impossible. Technology is an enabler. It should be the slave to great ideas and big dreams. Not the other way around. And when it comes to your customers, they too, have big dreams and want to discover how to pull some of them off. Technology gives you the opportunity to connect and it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. What is important is your brand story. Will it touch your customers dreams and desires? Because of technology, you are able to communicate your brand and your story, but do you have one that is compelling, intriguing, and will help customers see the possibilities? Or, do you have a brand that is reeks of commodity? If someone did a search for about products or services you offer, they could get back over 13 million links. So, what makes you stand out over the other 12,999,999 other companies who offer products and services just like yours? It all comes down to the story your brand tells and how you can touch your customer’s dreams.

Because of this new technological environment, businesses can achieve the impossible. A small band of 5 experts, working at 3 different locations, can offer services that can compete head-to-head with a global company because of technology. That’s the impossible made real. It’s not the technology that is the focus here, but it’s the ability to share your brand’s story to potential customers with no barriers or limitations. The flip side of this story is so what if you have the power to reach and communicate with millions of people with just one click, but your brand, your story is so mundane that no one really cares or is inspired. You’re just a commodity along with the other 12,999,999 links. One saying in the marketing world. Great marketing can not only help you succeed, but it can also help a bad product fail quicker. Nothing spells out a quick death than a great marketing campaign for a below par product or service.

Technology is not the reason you exist. Nor should it be the focus of your business. Technology should serve you in helping you touch your customer’s dreams. Don’t get so caught up in the shinny toys that you forget why you exist in the first place. Just because you utilize every piece of technology, are on every social site known to man, or are wired the the n-th degree, doesn’t mean you are fulfilling your customer’s dreams. And if you aren’t touching their desires, then they will find someone else who will. Even if they aren’t as technologically advanced.


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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