Dare to be average?

by Tony Fannin, president, BE Branded

One common trend I’ve been seeing in both large and small companies is the idea that they can do everything themselves. Large, ego-driven corporations believe, because they are BIG CORP, they can do everything themselves. Micromanaging entrepreneurs believe no one will do a better job at growing their baby than them. Granted, the CEO’s and entrepreneurs have a reason why they feel the way they do. Passion, vision, and drive are key elements that most motivational speakers say is all you need to succeed. These emotions are important, but is no guarantor of success.

You can’t do everything at a high level yourself. The sooner business executives and entrepreneurs realize this, the more successful their companies will become. Large companies understand this better to a certain extent over small business and entrepreneurs, but they still fall into the same trap. No company can figure out everything on their own and execute every idea at a high level. For example, Google believes it can achieve anything. Who would doubt them? But when Google tried to out YouTube, YouTube with Google Video, it couldn’t. They had to admit defeat by buying that expertise.

I see too many marketers try the do-it-yourself marketing approach with equal results to Google Video. Yes, you can do it yourself. Yes, you may get marginal results. But unless one of your strengths IS marketing, you’ll just become mediocre. To some, that’s good enough because, in their minds, saving money and being able to claim they did it themselves is totally worth being average at best. If reaching for mediocracy is your goal, you’re right, you don’t need help. Marketing and advertising agencies bring more than just the day-to-day execution of ads, web site design, and press releases. They bring the ability to combine the left and right brain. Marketing firms take deep insights based in research and blend that with a creative approach that entertains and brings cold data to life. They put emotion and personality into branded and unique content, regardless of media channel. Then, they have the expertise to coordinate across the transmedia landscape to bring a consistent brand and message that will resonate with all of your key stakeholders and customers.

Know yourself. That’s not only true in life, but in business. Know what you’re great at and do that. Know what you’re not great at and work with those who are great at the things you’re not. This will create a company and culture that will breed excellence and success. Think of it this way, where do you feel the most comfortable, on a team full of superstars or full of people who are just good?



About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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