TV advertising is not dead. And other truths.

by Tony Fannin, president, BE Branded

I happened across a research finding that I found very interesting. It set out to discover, “What’s the future of advertising?” It was conducted by the Wharton School of Business in conjuction with the Advertising Research Foundation. (One thing to understand about the ARF, they are NOT a lobby group for the advertising industry or a trade organization. They don’t favor media companies or ad agencies. And they aren’t bias toward any advertising vehicle, old school or new media. They are an independent research group that objectively looks at advertising, it’s trends and what it means.)

Their findings support some information that is widely accepted and disputes others. They wanted to see if some of the “accepted” truths such as “TV isn’t working” is factual or is it just a lot of assumptions. Here’s a brief of the highlights:

1. TV advertising – TV, overall, still works as well or better than it did more than 10 years ago with similar tests. The concern about the decreasing effect of TV advertising is not supported by the data. TV is still very effective.

2. Word-of-Mouth – Over 22% of “influentials” word-of-mouth was sparked by paid advertising and was brand specific. Of the remaining 78% that wasn’t spurred by advertising, no brand was recommended in the conversations.

3. Online Buzz – Over 30% of online buzz was generated because of specific advertising. (These numbers are low because they don’t account for indirect influence of adversiting)

4. DVR – Essentially no difference in average recall or likability scores among households with DVR’s than those without. This is supported by a study by P&G seven years ago.

5. Print advertising – Print is more effective than TV or online advertising at creating purchase intent. It produces a higher sales lift per dollar spent.

6. Search rankings – Gives a higher sales lift per customer exposure than online display ads alone. But, display ads used in conjunction with SEO, produces a higher lift than using either one separately.

In the end, the findings supports one key factor that we believe in: new technology is not a strategy. It’s a part of it, to be sure, but the interplay of all of the tactics gives marketers a powerful way to drive your brand and message in all areas of media, online, offline, social, and search. The smart money is to be where your customers are, regardless of the media vehicle.


About Be Branded

Tony Fannin is of President of BE Branded, an integrated marketing firm who helps clients BE Somebody to their customers. If you aren't somebody, then you are commodity.

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